Coulter Translational Research Awards (CTRA)

Coulter Translational Research Awards (CTRA)

In 2005, the Foundation launched the “Early Career” (EC) program which later was rebranded as the “Coulter Translational Research Award” (CTRA) program. The Coulter Translational Research Awards provided funding for individual Professors in established Biomedical Engineering Departments within the United States.


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The awards supported biomedical research that is translational in nature, encouraged and assisted eligible biomedical engineering investigators to establish themselves in academic careers involving translational research. The translational research projects were directed at promising technologies with the goal of progressing toward commercial development and entering clinical practice.

This program consisted of two, two-year phases with a maximum funding amount of $500,000 that was allocated to match the milestone needs of each project. During the ten years of the program, more than 400 projects were submitted, and 100 were selected for funding. As of March, 2013, there were eighteen license successes and more than $400MM in VC funding secured.

The Coulter Translational Research Awards program was sunset in 2014.