International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

Serving a multidisciplinary community, ISAC works to lead technological innovation, scholarship and the exchange of knowledge in the quantitative cell sciences. Its vision is, “to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical and physical sciences.” Much like proteomics and genomics have a database of raw data, ISAC deemed it desirable to establish the same type of data repository  for cytometry. The Foundation provides the funding for this initiative. The goal is to have all journal submissions make their data available to other researchers.

International Cytometry Certification Examination (ICCE)

With the Foundation as sponsor, ISAC and ICCS worked together to establish the first cytometry certification program. The goals include recognizing excellence among cytometrists and establishing a minimum level of competency. In 2015, after offering the examination for a mere four years there are approximately 200 certified cytometrists worldwide.