Westminster College

Mr. Coulter began his secondary education college at Westminster College, a small liberal arts school in Fulton, Missouri. Although he only attended his freshman year, he credited the school with sparking his lifelong love of learning. Wallace Coulter remained a generous alumnus throughout his life. Today, the school is famous for, among other things, the site where Winston Churchill made his famous well-known “iron curtain speech” in 1946.

westminster foundation1As a continuation of Mr. Coulter’s generosity to the school, in 2002 the Foundation made a transformational $28,000,000 grant to the school targeted to three specific areas. $18,000,000 was earmarked to expand and rebuild the Wallace H. Coulter Science Center. This project was completed in 2004, and today, this science center is an 80,000 square foot state of the art facility. In addition, this grant also provides $5,000,000 for a matching program for alumni giving which has greatly accelerated alumni participation. Additional funds were also earmarked for under-represented student scholarships. Impressed with the school’s ability to construct the science center under budget and ahead of schedule, as well as running successful capital campaign that exceeded its goal, in 2004, the Foundation increased its total grant to Westminster to $30,000,000. In 2013, at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Wallace’s birth, the Foundation presented Westminster College with a $1,000,000 gift.